GPS Satellite Tracking

One of the most frequent questions that I am asked by clients is "how do I know that my leaflets are actually going to be delivered". This is a very good question and for good reason.


Unfortunately if this was not a major problem then I would not be asked the question so often. Unless the distribution company you are using has invested in a similar system to the one that we use then they cannot guarantee that all your leaflets will be delivered no matter how they try and convince you that their "checks" will make sure they are.


Believe me when I say they won't and thats me speaking from experience when even "trusted" staff let me down in the early days before we operated the gps satellite tracking system.


You may be offered cheaper distribution rates but like everythig else in life you get what you pay for. If only 75% of you distribution was carried out then add another 25% to what you paid plus the cost of 25% of your leaflets then on top of this your campaign will only produce 75% of the results that it could have - suddenly that cheap price does not seem such a good deal after all !


With Ayrshire Leaflet Distribution you can be relaxed in the knowledge

that the distributors delivering your leaflets are getting tracked every step of the way (and getting paid a fair wage while doing it).


The picture above shows just a fraction of one of our distributions and when this is live on our computer we can zoom right in to ground level and see the tracking going up driveways to each house.


We can also interogate the system and find out when they started and when they finished, where they were when, what speed they were doing and what date it was. Totally big brother and I make no apologies for it - all staff are given a detailed briefing on the system when they join the company and therefore are well aware of its capabilities.


If you would like to know any more about the system or would like to see it "live" on our computer just ask and I would be delighted to demonstrate how we give our clients (and myself) peace of mind about their distribution.



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