The Menu Delivery Company

The Menu Delivery Company is a subidiary of Ayrshire Leaflet Distribution and has been created to meet the demands of the Takeaway Food and Restaurant industries.


This allows clients to reach all their valuable customers on a regular basis as well as gaining new ones to help boost orders and increase profits in an extremely cost effective manner.


To take advantage of this service you must be members of our Annual Delivery Programme which is free to join and gives you significant savings on your menu delivery from our usual Shareplan price of  £66.00 per thousand (£55.00 + vat) down to just £42.00 per thousand - a saving of £24.00 per thousand menus giving you a 36% discount off our standard price.


Our Annual Delivery Programme delivers an average of 1000 menus per week throughout the year providing a range of benefits for your business.




  • Low cost structured marketing campaign
  • All year ongoing menu exposure 50 weeks per year
  • Steady business flow
  • Easier staff and produce management
  • Improved cash flow
  • Increased revenue and profits
  • Affordable (£42.00 per week payable monthly by Direct Debit)
  • No large distribution outlay cost associated with one off campaigns
  • Increased customer repeat orders
  • Higher customer retention rates
  • Reduce reliance on JUST EAT (these savings alone could pay for your campaign)
  • Significant discount on our standard Shareplan price




Each Annual Delivery Programme requires you to provide 50,000 menus to our depot in Kilmarnock. You can either arrange your own printing and delivery to our depot or we can do this for you. We have exeptional pricing for the supply of menus so please ask us for a quote and enjoy even more savings.




To book your distribution with us or for further information please contact our Sales Director - Ian MacCorquodale on 07527 253032 or call our sales office on 01563 501840.


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